Losing Eyelashes?
Learn How Long It Takes for Eyelashes to Grow Back 

If your concerned about losing eyelashes, don't fret.  It's perfectly natural for your lashes to fall out - in fact you'll lose at least one eyelash every day.

The purpose of this page is to give you some basic information about the purpose of eyelashes and the eyelash regrowth cycle so the next time you notice an eyelash falling out you'll understand the reason why.

What Purpose Do Eyelashes Serve?

Biologically, the main purpose of eyelashes is to protect your eyes from dust, dirt and other particles. Similar to that of a cat’s whiskers, eyelashes provide advance warning to your brain of incoming objects triggering your eyelid to close and protect your eyeball.

Typically you have between 80 to 150 lashes on your upper eyelid. On your lower eyelid you’ll have about 50 to 70 lashes. 

Your eyebrows also have a purpose. They also provide your eyes with protection from perspiration or tiny particles from entering into your eyes from your forehead.

Cosmetically your eyelashes and eyebrows can enhance your image and can draw attention to your eyes. They part of your femininity and if you look back in history you’ll see that the Egyptian women used Kohl, their own form of cosmetics made from various materials and substances to accentuate the appearance of their eyes.

Over the centuries the cosmetics industry has developed (and continue to develop) various forms of eyelash enhancement products ranging from mascaras to false eyelashes, eyelash curlers, eyelash tinting, and more recently eyelash extensions.

How Quickly Do Eyelashes Grow Back? 

As with all human hair, eyelashes grow from follicles that are located below the skin on the dermal layer “dermis”.   All hair on your body have a natural shredding and regrowth cycle. Losing eyelashes is perfectly normal. 

Hair follicles have three phases of growth:

  • Growth or “Anagen” phase: This phase lasts around 45 days, during which the hair cells are constantly separating and adding to the hair shaft. Approximately 85% of your hair and eyelashes are currently in this phase.
  • Declination or “Catagen” phase: The catagen phase lasts approximately three weeks and is a sign of the end of active hair growth. Here the blood supply gets cut-off from the eyelash and from the cells that produce new lashes.
  • Sheading  or “Telogen” phase: In this final phase, the eyelash dies and no new cells are produced. This is when your eyelashes will naturally fall out and as the hair follicle begins its resting phase. A hair will rest in this phase for about 100 days before it falls out.

So whenever your eyelashes naturally fall out or are pulled out, you should expect that it will take approximately 7 or 8 weeks to grow back fully. So don't worry about losing eyelashes.

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